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Sylvia Noventa, dunno much about her. She should be about Heero (or the
other G boys) age. I like the idea of a Sylvia fic,it would be interesting
to see the story of a side character especially one who could have so much
acharacter development due to her involvement (limited as it was) in G Wing.
I mean, how does she deal with her fathers death at the hands of Heero?
Will she play an important role in the future of the AC universe? s i wanna
read it, send it out when yout done.

-"How come that line never works when I use it?" me after trying out Heero's
'Omae wo Kurose' to try to get a date.

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>Subject: [gundam] G Wing - Sylvia Noventa

>OK, I'm writing a fanfic about the Gundam Wing
>character Sylvia Noventa. I don't know very much about
>her. If anyone knows anything aobut her can you please
>tell me? Also an age estimate from people who have
>seen the original Japanese please -- the voice is way

>Thanks so much!

>~Dorothy Winner
>AKA Quatre no Miko

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