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> >What with all the polls on favorite mobile suit designs,
> favorite Gundams
> >et all of late, we seem to be forgetting they who pilot
> those hunks of
> >metal. So here we go, name your favorite characters, and
> what makes them
> >worthy of attention.

Amuro: (okay, so he's a give-away, but hey, I really like
his style.) Watch him in 0079, then see him on CCA. When he
argues with Char at the end of CCA, you know that he's
grown up and seriously evolved. No longer following orders
blindly, has his own set of beliefs and principles and is
more than willing to stand up for them. One of the few
anime characters that actually growed up physically and
mentally (Gokou never really changed... much).

Haro: though hardly even fleshed out, this mechanical orb
has become one of gundam's "mascots" of sort, though only a
few recognize him/her/it. I like it because its cute.

ALICE: Okay, so again, this one is not human, but hey, in
the end of sentinel she (am I right to use "she"?) was able
to act more human than anyone could have...

Dumon: Whoo-hoo. Kissatsu Shining Finger. Face it, the
super robot pilot of gundam is one heckuva action star. he
may not abide by the same laws of physics but he is bound
by the same set of human emotions found in all gundam
pilots (okay, except Heero, and veggie-type Kamiyu). In
search of his brother (a most difficult task in the FC
univ), he joins the gundam fight, encounters so many people
who he never has to interact with but despite his own
personal struggles, he still takes the time out to help
everyone out. A typical rogue-goody-two-shoes-character,
but cool nonetheless.

Duo: (Okay, so this one is more of a personal preferecne
than a well based selection...) "I believe in shinigami
because I've seen lots of dead people." now that, is a
theological arguement. Probably the only wing pilot who
hardly shows his inner pain.

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