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<< True enough... and not to belabor the point, but why watch the
 Americanized version (not video or DVD releases, but televised
 versions) at all then? >>
I have two reasons for doing so:

1. To see what the shows like, even if it's heavily edited, before I
eventually purchase the series. This makes no sense I know, but it seems no
matter how edited a show is, an itsy bit of the original seems to be in
there, somewhere.

2. To see how "bad" or "good" the American version of the show is. To see if
any progress has been made in keeping it true to it's original/true version.

3. Just thought of this one. Cartoon Network's Toonami anime titles, seem
pretty close to the originals, Aside from some visual cover ups and a very
dialogue changes that is.


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