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>What with all the polls on favorite mobile suit designs, favorite Gundams
>et all of late, we seem to be forgetting they who pilot those hunks of
>metal. So here we go, name your favorite characters, and what makes them
>worthy of attention.

Hmmm, that is actually kind of a difficult question. Here's what I'd say (warning though, some spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk, and no sticking to just 5 on this list):

Camille Vidan: This guy goes through so much tragedy throughout his life, that it is hard not to feel for him, especially when you see how much he truly loves Four, only to have her die in his arms. Not only that, but for him to see his mother die right before his eyes, and then in the end to be turned into a vegetable. Definately my favorite, and in my opinion, one of the most tragic, newtype pilot from the series I've seen. Plus, he just seems to be a better person and more likeable to me than Amuro, or in fact, most Gundam pilots.

South Burning: no-nonsense, sometimes grim, yet paternal veteran. This guy knows how to get things done, and has no qualms about using whatever it takes to do so. Almost makes me want to pilot a GM....nah.

Aina Sakhalin: I'm not sure how to describe why I like her. Dedicated to her nation, yet also dedicated to those she comes to care for. She has the ability to walk the fine line between the two if neccessary. A strong woman, yet still very obviously feminine.

Four Murasame: Along with Camille, one of the most tragic figures in Gundam IMO. A woman with little to no knowledge of her past. She is born into tragedy, lives in tragedy and dies tragically.

Emma Sheen: Who can't like her? Tough, strong sense of right and wrong, and willing to admit when she is wrong. Good pilot, beautiful woman, kind soul.

Terry Sanders, Jr.: With a nickname like Death, you just got to like this one. A great pilot, yet still very human and extremely loyal to those who prove themselves to him, as seen by his considering himself a jinx until Shiro helps him see otherwise.

Steiner Hardy: Pretty much for the same reasons as South Burning. Hell, they could be twins, if not for the fact that they are fighting for opposite sides. Or maybe like borthers forced to fight on opposite sides, like so many in the various civil wars so many of the nations of the world have fought.

Anavel Gato: A man dedicated to what he believes in beyond all else, no matter the personal cost. With that kind of sense of honor, you have to respect the man, no matter which side he is on, no matter what he has done. A true, dedicated warrior.

Lucrezia Noin: The only non UC pilot to make it on this list (maybe just because I haven't seen G or Turn A), I have to include her. Loyal to those she believes in, willing to do whatever she can to help them. A brilliant pilot, a strong person, yet also so obviously a woman of much heart, emotion and beauty.

There are another one or two that I might add (such as Ranba Ral), but don't feel I've truly seen enough of to add, as I don't have a full picture of the character.


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