Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Mon, 21 Aug 2000 15:15:43 -0700

>The box says it's 570mm tall, but it looks bigger than that to me.

That should be about right, 570mm = 17.1m / 30.

>As for the pictures, I don't know where you can see on the web, but I can
>send it to you.

Pictures of this rare beast can be found on one of the Gundam Shop CD-ROMs,
I forgot whether it was the first or second disc though. I believe a
picture of it can also be found on the Cool Japanese Toys site.

>Where can you get one? I don't know. I chance upon mine on a auction
>website. That's why I need some experts here to give me a evaluation of its
>price. It has been out of production for almost 18years(??)

It came out right before Zeta Gundam did, IIRC. Kind of hard to value it
since so few are floating around, you'd be lucky to find one in a mint box
and with all parts still intact these days.


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