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>In a message dated Mon, 21 Aug 2000 3:29:20 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
>Edward Ju <gundam@loop.com> writes:
>>Come to think of it, why do all the gundams (UC) use the parade paint scheme
>>(red white blue w. the exception of the Alex and Nu). Wouldnt it be more
>>practical to paint them in black (Space Camo?) or something that wouldn't be
>>so easily identifiable?
>A toy painted with primary colors are more likely to attract kids on store
>shelves compared to all black or ugly colors.
>Actually the latest generation of kids would think it was way cooler in
>black. ;)

Which is why the Black Tri-Stars are enjoying a bunch of new MG kits
dedicated to them. ;)

There's been a lot of limited edition "black" version toys, but most of
them seem to languish on store shelves instead of flying off them.


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