Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Mon, 21 Aug 2000 15:01:51 -0700

>Y'all were right about HLJ. On Aug. 1st, I ordered a
>RX-78 vs MS-06F 'Okawara Version MSiA 2-pack. For about
>3 weeks it sat there just saying "in stock". Now, for the
>past week, they've been "processing my item for shipping".

I ordered the same thing and although it did arrive, the damn
thing was heavily crunched by other stuff in the order. They
obviously though the flimsy packaging could withstand dozens of
pounds on top of it.

>I could have flown to Japan and picked it up myself by now. *sigh*

My 1/144 Wing figure version pre-order reserved before the
deadline has been sitting at the "processing for shipping" stage
for about 2 weeks now. They moved it to that stage right after
I canceled 40% of the order so I couldn't cancel more.

>Anybody recommend a place that has MSiAs for under $15? That seems
>to be the price at the local stores... I wanna go pick up a Dom but
>man, $15... (while the #$!@)$*!@ Wing Gundam figures go for $6.99!
>I know, its all in volume, but still...)

You could try eBay, but I think people aren't selling as many MSiAs
these days since they weren't doing so well.


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