Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Mon, 21 Aug 2000 14:57:51 -0700

>It's pretty bad, IMHO. I've got a very low tolerence for dubs though, so I
>may not be the best person to ask =)
>After having watched the whole series subbed, as much as I dislike the Wing
>characters, the japanese seiyuu do a good job on the voices and are
>reasonably convincing.

While I generally did not like the voice acting done on the U.S. version of
Gundam Wing, I thought WuFei's accent was well done compared to the Japanese
original voice actor, who did not even try for a Chinese accent.

>Too many of the Wing voices were not right in
>comparison. Zechs was the worst,

Agreed. The production was to blame though, the U.S. voice actors worked
in chunks of 4 episodes and were not given time to watch the whole series
before they went into the recording studio, so they don't really get into
character until about halfway into the series.

>and Treize was the best from what I heard.
>In speaking to people who haven't seen the subbed version, most of my
>friends (who are again, sub fans) found the dub laughably bad ... I picked
>up the first Wing DVD to support Gundam in North America (I won't be buying
>the rest) and when I showed it to a few people at an anime weekend at my
>place, it was really only entertaining because of how much fun we were
>making of it :P
>Now ... that's my opinion of it. For people who prefer dubs, or don't mind
>them, the general vibe I get is it's between "average" and "good", with
>occasional moments of reaaaaaall badness (Zechs at the start, I hear he gets
>a bit better), to quite good.

Zechs does ditch his gay sounding Euro-trash accent for a slightly normal
one eventually. But as the voice actors start to get into their characters,
I noticed a lot of "hmms" and "umph"s in their delivery, which got to a
point it was distracting and annoying.


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