Dorothy Winner (
Mon, 21 Aug 2000 14:43:50 -0700 (PDT)

I watched it, and I have all the episodes japanese,
with english subtitles. the dubbing is pretty good.
the music is the same, thank god. Quatre's voice is a
little lower, because its male this time, Heero's
voice is pretty good, i don't really like Relena's
voice too much. Trowa's voice has more emotion than
the original. Duo's, well, its pretty good, but sounds
waaaaaaay too old (no wonder, the VA is 30+ years,
portraying a 15-year-old). Wufei's is ok, but he
doesn't sound that chinese, like he does in the

~Dorothy Winner
AKA Quatre no Miko

--- Joseph Ng <> wrote:
> for those who did watch g wing in the states, how
> well is the dubbing and
> did they change the music? i just saw escaflowne on
> fox network and was
> very disappointed with the way it's done. they
> edited a lot of scenes and
> put in new cheesey music. i haven't seen wing
> gundam in english yet but i
> hope it doesn't suffer the same fate.
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