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VCD's are not necessarily bootleg.  You will want to consider these things though.

~ Most VCD's which contain Chinese subtitles are only in Japanese are illegal.
~ Most real VCD's which are legit have bilingual tracks; Japanese and Chinese in the case of Asian Anime VCD's.
~ Check the company on the CD which made it.  Some piracy groups usually cover up the original distributor's logo with another company's logo or their own logo.
~ Look at the front of the CD.  If it doesn't have at least a high quality picture or text stating copyrights in a "neat" fashion, then it's probably fake.

Also if you plan to distribute (I'm not assuming anything, I'm just saying) the VCD in ASF video format on the Internet, it's illegal regardless.  Spreading something that isn't yours for the exact same purpose in mind as the VCD has, then it's illegal and completely immoral.  If you distribute clips, I personally have no qualms with that, but Sunrise probably will, and guaranteed if they find out that you are distributing Gundam related material that belongs to them (in whatever format that may be), they'll be at your door with a law suit.

But to answer your question, DAT files are MPG files.  You can play them with any Win9x media player.  Or want to grab a VCD specific player if you have bilingual tracks.

I have recently purchased a Gundam VCD and need some help with it. There seems to be a large .DAT file on the disc, but my system cant seem to read it. Is there a way to convert it to an .ASF file. I do not understand all the legal issues in regards to VCD, so if this falls under the catagory of a bootleg, I apologize in advance. If this an inappropriate topic please reply off the mailing list.

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