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>> just because i like arguing with les...:P
>i love you to Garr ^_^

Garrick! someone loves you! EGADZ!

<hands Fed money>

>only if you were to actually grapple with Epyon... otherwise it's pretty
>well shielded from accidental damage by Epyon's arm and wing
>> isn't it a common sense rule of thumb for fighters to
>> keep everything they wear (and their hair) tight, so
>> as not to give the enemy a grip of any sort?
>again Gundams even in melee combat don't grapple much, and even if you
>tried that it would put you Dangerously close to that massive whonkin'
>beam sword ^_^

hokay...this is the reason why I am always impressed with MS that have long
beam weapons. the F91, for example has very long blades for its size, and
to me this is perfect, coupled with its speed. Another one is the
Gelgoog's beam naginata, an even more impressive weapon. These are things
that are meant to make holding on to the neemy an iffy proposition...on the
other hand, if the gundam one is holding on to is from G Gundam, then it
leaves one vulnerable to a martial arts move.

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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