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>From what I've seen of the EW movie as well as the Hobby Japan drawings of
>the Perfect Grade Wing Zero Custom, The wings are made up of actual
>mettallic feathers. Also, the wing shape put in front kinda allows for a
>more streamlined shape for reentry. As for the thrusters, there is a scene
>in EW where Heero launches from underwater, i think there is a glimpse of
>the thrusters there. I'm not really sure, I think Mark Simmons or some of
>the more knowkledgeable guys would know better.
>"Oh my God it actually has feathers" - Me upon wacthing Endless
>Waltz(Special Edition) for the first time, Chinese Sub.

I would think that it would have thrusters which would look more like
ventilation slats, to be more in shape with the wing. It's also highly
possible for them to be located at the base areas of each wing, with
microverniers all over the edges for manueverability. OR. we are looking
at a minovsky field propulsion system, which could also explain the glowing
trail. or a mix of both. ARGH.

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