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Franz Co wrote:
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> >--- Leslie_R <trojan@atoka.net> wrote:
> >> that and i have a thing for beam-swords.. only i don't
> >> like the idea of
> >> having to stick them back into a recharger all the time..
> >> a setup like
> >> on Epyon with the sword hilt connected directly ot the
> >> Mobile Suit's
> >> reactor would be ideal IMO
> >I recall watching that battle with a couple of friends when
> >they started shouting at heero to "cut the damned cord".
> >Yep, with Rythm emotion in the BG, that scene was just
> >awesome. But it was kinda cool that they had Just
> >Communication playing in the end of the last ep.
> >^_^ Reminded of EVAs and umbilical cords....
> True, an epuon like configuration would be nice. But aren't beam sabers
> supposed to be powered by a connector in the Palm of the MS (like in Gundam
> 08th MS Team?). Also,I saw in the GWing manga that the connector was only to
> extend the range of the beamn sword, does this apply to the anime as
> well?__

i don't know how beam-melee weapons in Wing gundam are powered but from
all i've been able ot find out in UC and thus i have assumed in other
alternate timelines they are powered by a rechargable e-cap in the
hilt.. recharged by sticking it in it's holder (usualy the backpack but
other locations have been used)


come to think of it i think Wing Gundma and Wing Gundam zero use that
system as well, why else would Heero's beam saber suddenly go out before
he could slash the power-core of that Libra section?

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