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Mon, 21 Aug 2000 09:34:13 -0500

garrick lee wrote:
> just because i like arguing with les...:P

i love you to Garr ^_^
> i dislike exposed cables and actuators and pistons on
> mechs (that goes for zeon mechs too...including the
> gaera doga and sazabi...and, yes, including my
> favorite double fake gundams...).

i can understand that

> you'd be surprised at how easily those exposed cables
> could become an accidental target in the heat of a
> fight. moreso for the epyon, since it needs to
> close in on enemy mechs.

only if you were to actually grapple with Epyon... otherwise it's pretty
well shielded from accidental damage by Epyon's arm and wing

> isn't it a common sense rule of thumb for fighters to
> keep everything they wear (and their hair) tight, so
> as not to give the enemy a grip of any sort?

again Gundams even in melee combat don't grapple much, and even if you
tried that it would put you Dangerously close to that massive whonkin'
beam sword ^_^
> -garr

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