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>--- Leslie_R <> wrote:
>> that and i have a thing for beam-swords.. only i don't
>> like the idea of
>> having to stick them back into a recharger all the time..
>> a setup like
>> on Epyon with the sword hilt connected directly ot the
>> Mobile Suit's
>> reactor would be ideal IMO

>I recall watching that battle with a couple of friends when
>they started shouting at heero to "cut the damned cord".
>Yep, with Rythm emotion in the BG, that scene was just
>awesome. But it was kinda cool that they had Just
>Communication playing in the end of the last ep.

>^_^ Reminded of EVAs and umbilical cords....

True, an epuon like configuration would be nice. But aren't beam sabers
supposed to be powered by a connector in the Palm of the MS (like in Gundam
08th MS Team?). Also,I saw in the GWing manga that the connector was only to
extend the range of the beamn sword, does this apply to the anime as
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