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Actually, There is supposed to be a sequel to the manga. ?DArk Horse is
supposed to release a "Ghost Box Set" which is a compilation of comics that
trace the lives of the Section 9 people after the original Ghost in the
Shell. Nothing of a solid story though and no plans (I think) for a movie

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> Can some knowledgeable person tell me if there is a sequel to Ghost in the
> Shell? I just watched the movie, and they leave it wide open for one
> like The Matrix).

Not that I'm aware of. The movie was loosely based on a couple of the
issues of
the manga by Shirow. Dark Horse did an English translation of it shortly
the movie came out in the US, that you should probably take a look at if
a Shirow fan. If I remember correctly, there were eight issues, and I have
last four, I think, tucked away somewhere in my archives. Personally, I
care too much for the movie, but I enjoyed the manga, which has more stories
than just the puppeteer one (which is told somewhat differently in the

Shirow has also written other things that you might want to take a look at.
None of them follow quite the same course as GTIS, but they're all still
Appleseed is quite well known, and there's both a manga (later reproduced as
four issue GN) and a movie (which tells a story somewhat similar to GN 2,
but at
the same time, completely different). I believe Dominion Tank Police was
originally a manga, as well, although I've never seen any for it. I have
the two different OVA series (DTP and New DTP), and it is a much more
lighthearted and comedic series than GTIS and Appleseed. There's also Black
Magic M-66, which I haven't seen, and I think a few others that Shirow has
although nothing comes to mind at the moment.

While none of this is the sequel you were asking about, hopefully it'll help
to find something more that you'll enjoy.


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