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--- Zhao Pan <> wrote:
> I have a question regarding the angelic wings of the Wing
> Zero Gundam in the
> Endless Waltz series.
> I don't see any thrusters on the wings. Where are
> they?
> If the wings and the suit are made of the same material
> (Gundanium Alloy),
> how come the wings are sustain the heat generated by the
> earth's atmosphere
> and not the suit? What kind of mechanism is incorporated
> onto the wings to
> allow flexibility?

1. The verniers are at the tips (you know, that end parts
which sparkle the wing zero fairy dust? O_o)
2. Sandrock's cloak survived re-entry. Must be the
cool-factor physics kicking in.
3. the wings are not flexible, but the joints are well
placed in such a way that they can perpetually "flap". see
the model kit and play with t a bit, you'll know what I
mean. (but I have to admit, those joints are pretty strong
to carry the wieght of those wings....)

final note, this is gundam wing, and thus, all assertments
in relation to physics are mostly theoretical. Trust me,
even Minovsky wouldn't figure out how those things worked.

Bright Noah: So how does aura bend an I-field?
Toho Fuhai: don't ask me, all I know about gundams is how
to blow them up.

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