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> << But I don't see any thrusters on the wings. Where are they?
> If the wings and the suit are made of the same material (Gundanium Alloy),
> how come the wings are sustain the heat generated by the earth's atmosphere
> and not the suit? What kind of mechanism is incorporated onto the wings to
> allow flexibility? >>
> Good question. Gundam Wing doesn't seem to follow the pesudo realism that
> UC shows have. The Wings seem too thin to hold thruster's, so I've wondered
> about this as well. Maybe they are buried inside of each feather?
> Aaron
the main thrusters are probably wedged up into the 'shoulders' of each
wigng close ot the Gundam's back, as for the maneuvering thrusters it
probably has several hundred micro-verienrs scattered across the
feathers that ll push in oordination wiht each other and the wings move
ot position them so that the thrusters themselves dont' have to be
directoinal thus saving space

at least that's my theory


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