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I was browing eBay and found this:

It's a Chinese version of a Zeta Gundam Side story manga. Normally I
wouldn't care, but the description:
This is an original story by Kondo, with a prologue set in the final battle
at Abawaoku space fortress by the end of the One Year War. As Char makes his
getaway after taking care of some family business, he came across the upper
torso of the Gundam discarded by Amuro and promptly ordered his subordinates
to retrieve it. This sets the stage for the events to come. The characters
featured in this manga include Char/Quattro, Amuro, and Camille

... intrigued me =) What's the storyline here? What purpose does Char have
for a Gundam torso? What in gods name is that ugly MS on the cover? =)

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