Zhao Pan (zhaopan@hotmail.com)
Mon, 21 Aug 2000 00:52:28 EDT

I have a question regarding the angelic wings of the Wing Zero Gundam in the
Endless Waltz series. Here's an exerpt taken from Gundam Project website:

"In place of the mechanical-looking wing verniers seen in the television
series, it now sports a set of four angelic feathered wings. Fanciful though
they may look, these wings still contain an array of powerful vernier

But I don't see any thrusters on the wings. Where are they?
If the wings and the suit are made of the same material (Gundanium Alloy),
how come the wings are sustain the heat generated by the earth's atmosphere
and not the suit? What kind of mechanism is incorporated onto the wings to
allow flexibility?

Thanks for your time.
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