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Check out Dark Horse Comics for a lot of the English translation stuff. They
did the Gits novel I have as well as the Tech book and first of the
Appleseed novels. I trying to save and get the rest.


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> To name another one...Orion; which has been translated btw...it's a like a
> far east fantasy/medieval manga that I wanted to pick up for quite some
> time. There's others which are newer and I haven't been able to see those
> because they're still in Japan. You might want to pick up a Blades or
> Intron Depot 1 and 2 art books of his. From what I remember, they contain
> detailed English descriptions of his describing each art piece. Most of
> them will list where each piece came from, therefore you could track more
> of his manga series down.
> >ROBOTICK wrote:
> >
> >> Can some knowledgeable person tell me if there is a sequel to
> Ghost in the
> >> Shell? I just watched the movie, and they leave it wide open for one
> (kinda
> >> like The Matrix).
> >
> >Not that I'm aware of. The movie was loosely based on a couple of the
> issues of
> >the manga by Shirow. Dark Horse did an English translation of it shortly
> before
> >the movie came out in the US, that you should probably take a look at if
> you're
> >a Shirow fan. If I remember correctly, there were eight issues, and I
> have the
> >last four, I think, tucked away somewhere in my archives. Personally, I
> didn't
> >care too much for the movie, but I enjoyed the manga, which has
> more stories
> >than just the puppeteer one (which is told somewhat differently
> in the manga,
> >too).
> >
> >Shirow has also written other things that you might want to take
> a look at.
> >None of them follow quite the same course as GTIS, but they're
> all still good
> >stories.
> >Appleseed is quite well known, and there's both a manga (later reproduced
> as a
> >four issue GN) and a movie (which tells a story somewhat similar to GN 2,
> but at
> >the same time, completely different). I believe Dominion Tank Police was
> >originally a manga, as well, although I've never seen any for it. I have
> seen
> >the two different OVA series (DTP and New DTP), and it is a much more
> >lighthearted and comedic series than GTIS and Appleseed.
> There's also Black
> >Magic M-66, which I haven't seen, and I think a few others that
> Shirow has
> done,
> >although nothing comes to mind at the moment.
> >
> >While none of this is the sequel you were asking about, hopefully it'll
> help you
> >to find something more that you'll enjoy.
> >
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