Bill Bradford (
Sun, 20 Aug 2000 21:28:27 -0500

Y'all were right about HLJ. On Aug. 1st, I ordered a
RX-78 vs MS-06F 'Okawara Version MSiA 2-pack. For about
3 weeks it sat there just saying "in stock". Now, for the
past week, they've been "processing my item for shipping".

I could have flown to Japan and picked it up myself by now. *sigh*

Found the green Zak and the red Zak at a local comic shop last
weekend anyway, now I just need the RX-78.

Anybody recommend a place that has MSiAs for under $15? That seems
to be the price at the local stores... I wanna go pick up a Dom but
man, $15... (while the #$!@)$*!@ Wing Gundam figures go for $6.99!
I know, its all in volume, but still...)


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