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<< On Sat, 19 Aug 2000 BlazeEagle@AOL.COM wrote:
> Anime can be done right on US TV, Gundam Wing proved it. There is no
> for this. >>
  I didn't write the above, please don't quote what's not mine.

<< Actually, truth be told, I liked Gundam W for what it was worth, but it
 didn't dazzle me.>>

I like GW as well.
 Oookkkaaay... But then again folks, what they let kids see in Japan is
 much different from what we "let" kids see here. I think they may see it
 as way different markets. Pokemon might have crossed over relatively
 unscathed, but I am not sure if anything else would. I mean what "kids"
 anime would you bring down? Anpanman? I am sure it would get some watchers
 but not as many.

   I know all this, but I don't think you understand me. PokeMon and DigiMon
are American friendly, but stuff like Anpanman probably wouldn't work over
here. I see nothing wrong with Anpanman myself, it would be view as "weird"
here. I don't know any specific title's, but I am sure there's other American
"friendly" kids anime. There's got to be robot show's for kids.

  Basically what I mean is, most of Escaflowne's more violent scenes will
either be way toned down or cut. A little music being changed can and does,
hurt the atomsphere of a show. Escaflowne's music is part of the tone of the
show, so editing can hurt something bad, if it's done wrong. GW is a GOOD
example of how editing can be done right. Techno music when Escaflowne was
released was/is goofy. Escaflowne has some of the best music I've ever heard.
It's very pretty and powerfull, while being exciting as well. Escaflowne's
music adds to the total experince of the show, IMO.
> Companies should either bring it to TV unedited or release it direct to
> only.
 I think we would see a LOT less anime this way.
  I disagree. More anime is still being released on VHS and now DVD then on
TV. Currently it seems that more anime IS on TV, but it's only stuff that's
American TV friendly, I am sure stuff like Bubblegum Crisis, Tank Police,
etc. are not American TV friendly. Think how much editing those shows would
get!! I'd rather have an anime title in its original state, then in a toned
down, edited mess. Until American TV can accept anime without ANY editing, I
would rather pay for a DVD, then get a free, toned down, edited version.

> Companies need to import KIDS anime for kids, not stuff that needs
> editing to make it child apporite. Thank goodness I was able to catch
> Escaflowne in it's original form.
> I strongly urge people who have never seen Escaflowne, borrow, rent or buy
> the AnimeVillage version and watch it, before making a judgment on
> Escaflowne. Watch Fox's version if you want to, just do not judge
> of Fox's version.
<< I can and I will... but I will keep in mind that it is Fox's Escaflowne
 and not the japanese one. *shrug*>>

  It's your choice, but its close minded to judge an anime based on an
Americanized version only. I thought DBZ was a school yard insult throwing
fight fest, until I watched a few unedited subs of it. At least GW had an
unedited version at midnight, no such luck for Escaflowne. The midnight run
of GW, because it's unedited, is basically the Japanese version. Anyway, I
don't want to agrue the matter.
<< I have only seen one ep so far, so it really is too early for me to
 judge. So far, it looks better than the Robotech port. >>

  Well Robotech was more of a use footage to create a new story type of
thing, not really a port.


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