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> > Actually the Anime isn't one episode out of the original manga. It's just
> > like X and Escaflowne, the most important parts squished into one.
> I have to disagree here, as the majority of the manga's plot was left out of
> the movie... there wasn't enough of the story in the anime, IMHO, to warrant
> calling it a condensed version of the whole story.

This GTIS discussion made me haul my old Dark Horse manga out of storage...
Wonder if I still have my lone issue of Appleseed lying around somewhere?
I'd say its kind of like the Appleseed Movie. Bits and pieces of the original
manga were put into the respective movies, but the end result comes out quite
differently. In Appleseed, both GN2 and the movie revolve around attempts to
destroy the master computer of the complex. How the story plays out, and even
the roles of Duenan and Briarios (... its been so long, that I can't even
remember how to spell them properly - for all I know, I'm IDing the wrong
characters...) in the two stories is completely different (as in 180 degrees
The GTIS movie has a plot that has more in common with the manga than Appleseed
does, but once again the execution is quite different. The puppeteer, and the
apparently spontaneous evolution of its consciousness, occurs in both stories,
but if I remember correctly, how the issue of the puppeteer was brought to
Section-9's attention was quite different in both stories. And while Kusanagi's
body ends up being expendable in both stories, how that comes about is entirely
different, as well (in the manga, its completely unrelated to the puppeteer).
I guess the biggest problem with trying to turn GTIS into a movie, is that, as
opposed to Appleseed, which had an entire GN to resolve a story arc, each of the
eight issues of the GTIS manga was a completely self-contained story. Sure, it
might have been possible to make a movie out of one of them, but the story would
have had to have been expanded in order to even run for an hour.


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