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Actually the Anime isn't one episode out of the original manga. It's just
like X and Escaflowne, the most important parts squished into one. In fact
the "final battle" in GITS isn't even the "final battle" in the manga.
Kusanagi doesn't even get damaged that much; she only loses one arm, and
it's not from trying to pull open the hatch on the spider tank. She loses
from stuff falling on her.

was a special limited edition collector's box which was being debated of
how many the manufacturers should make. It included a (perhaps) statue of
the Fuchikoma (which I heard was cancelled), a complete set of GITS 2
manga, and several other goodies as well.

With all the talk running around about whether Shirow is going to continue
to draw manga, go back to his bio engineering career, or even go teach art
school is pretty much still in the air. I'm thoroughly confused, but I do
hope the GITS 2 manga will spawn another movie. Perhaps a movie more based
on the manga style?

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>> Can some knowledgeable person tell me if there is a sequel to Ghost in the
>> Shell? I just watched the movie, and they leave it wide open for one
>> like The Matrix).
>The anime is only one episode out of the original manga... the story gets
>explored much further in Masamune Shirow's manga... however, there is a
>2 manga series that has either started or is set to start soon... Who knows
>when it'll get over here tho (And I can understand spoken japanese a little
>bit less retardedly than
>I can attempt to read it, so while I'll watch raw anime, I doubt I'd have
>much fun struggling thru untranslated manga - the only ones I have are SD
>gundam manga for little kids and they still give me all kinds of trouble!)
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