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There is a Ghost In The Shell 2 manga that I believe has been translated to
English. It covers what happened to Kusanagi (damn sp) with her new body.
However, I suggest reading the manga as it's a much more complete story
compared to the movie. The movie is just to see the characters in
well...animation. GITS the movie was also focusing more on the
philosophical side of things; if you could make a machine that is better
than humans in physical aspects and practically has the personality of a
human, then what differentiates a human and a machine? What makes a
machine truly a human even if they can simulate anything a human can do?

>Can some knowledgeable person tell me if there is a sequel to Ghost in the
>Shell? I just watched the movie, and they leave it wide open for one (kinda
>like The Matrix).
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>I happen to like dark and morbid Anime. In fact, there's a lot of people
>who like Anime such as this. I think it's grown to be a style of motion
>picture Anime rather than a bad thing. They wouldn't have done it this way
>if there wasn't a reason to. And besides, having known that I'm sure the
>creators from the TV series helped direct the movie, don't you think
>there's a reason why the movie is like that? You saying it's "boring"
>means that you're probably missing something or it's simply not your taste.
> I don't think you have the right to give it a complete judgemental opinion
>about it; slapping it in another's face, ie. mine. There are many other
>films that use this sort of style; Patlabor 2, Ghost In the Shell,
>etc...they're all darker. In fact, DRYL is even a much more darker Anime
>compared to the TV series.
>>Someone asked about the Escaflowne: A Girl In Gaea movie. Here's my
>>Don't wait up for it. It's a darker take on the TV series and not for the
>>better. Compressing the basic plot of a TV show into a feature length
>>film was done with much greater success in Macross: Do You Remember Love?
>>much the same way that the Fox Kids' Escaflowne lacks the subtlety and
>>introspection of the Japanese TV series, A Girl In Gaea lacks the innocence
>>and awe of the original series. Everything good about the series, except
>>the music, is reduced to one-dimensional proportions. I can't think of a
>>single change made in the story that was for the better. In fact, the movie
>>was so mediocre & uninvolving, I have a hard time remembering what
>happened in
>>it. Boooooooring. Escaflowne just isn't a story that can work as a 2-hour
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