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Sun, 20 Aug 2000 15:02:54 +0100

Just checked out the link for the escaflowne new opener.. My god what an utter
POS it is.. Why couldnt they just use the escaflowne theme(when van dons the
suit) as the opener? Also replacing that song with the techno is a BAD move.
Second, I didnt see the fox version yesterday, but they would have been smarter
to make it an hour premier with teh 2 first episodes, so one could see how
things lead in. Im not too keen on the first ep, but you need it to tell the
story. By trying to make escaflowne strictly a "boys" show is a bad idea. Anyway
Hitoni is the MAIN character not Van.

third the escaflowne movie. I agree with some of the main points most people ad
with it. I felt the movie could have used an extra fifteen minutes, and an extra
years worth of animation. Some of it was quite hacked. I didnt have a problem
with it being a darker story literally and artistically, but some of the scenes
were SO damned dark, I couldnt see what the heck was going on. A little edge
lite here and there could have "cleared" things up/. However I found the
character design to be vastly superior(except for Folken)to the shoujo style. of
the series. I like the design of the movie Van way better.. He looked more
badass. I also felt the art direction was quite nice in many scenes. I think
the movie is worthwhile as a DVD release just to see some scenes(the beginning
was great). Unfortunately as a whole story it just didnt work as well. I thought
it was better than X....

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