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All that to send a letter to a few people about toner or something! It
disgusts me what people will do to push a product. Kinda makes you want to
sit down and relax with an ice cold Pepsi Cola, doesn't it? And when you're
done relaxing, go wild with a Wild Cherry Pepsi. You'll need rest after
that rumble, and there's nothing better to put you out than a Caffeine-free
Pepsi. Then start off your morning with a bang and go surfing the web at!
BTW, I'm not pushing Pepsi here. it's a joke!
Just so this isn't completely Off Topic, I thought I'd ask if anyone here
knows what the purpose of WAVE mode is. It doesn't seem like it'd conserve
fuel at all. I mean, just the transformation has got to use up a bunch.
Any of you engineers out there want to take a stab at this one? Also how
does the pilot transform his gundam to WAVE mode? Take a big jump and push
the button, hoping that it finishes before it plows back into the ground?
With that kind of stress, he could probably use a Pepsi Cola to ease his
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>Why don't we just send a message to with a request to
>remove him/her? Quite simple if you ask me...

Having David remove the address from the list may not work. Often, spammers
use forged email addresses, and they change their source email addresses
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