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>I happen to like dark and morbid Anime. In fact, there's a lot of people
>who like Anime such as this. I think it's grown to be a style of motion
>picture Anime rather than a bad thing. They wouldn't have done it this way
>if there wasn't a reason to. And besides, having known that I'm sure the
>creators from the TV series helped direct the movie, don't you think
>there's a reason why the movie is like that? You saying it's "boring"
>means that you're probably missing something or it's simply not your taste.
> I don't think you have the right to give it a complete judgemental opinion
>about it; slapping it in another's face, ie. mine. There are many other
>films that use this sort of style; Patlabor 2, Ghost In the Shell,
>etc...they're all darker. In fact, DRYL is even a much more darker Anime
>compared to the TV series.

I might not have been that clear but I'm not objecting to A Girl In Gaea
because I dislike darker anime. I like GiTS and Patlabor 2 (though I think
that's also on the slow side). I just think that approaching Escaflowne, in
particular, with a darker tone in mind simply wasn't a good idea. I don't feel
anything for the characters in the Escaflowne movie. Van is more aggressive &
unlikable, Hitomi is depressing & bland, Folken is a generic villain, and the
rest of the cast might as well not even be there at all. The plot is pretty
uninspired as well: Girl goes to new planet, girl meets guy, girl & guy fight
bad guy, bad guy is defeated, girl goes home. The Escaflowne TV series could
be described that way, too, but that would be oversimplifying the grandure of
it. The movie, on the other hand, can be described pretty accurately by that
synopsis. The music, by the always great Yoko Kanno, works fine but it's not
all that different from that of the TV series from what I recall (I'll
probably have to listen to it again outside of the movie though). Yeah, the
animation is state of the art but that and the music are the best things going
for the film. Nothing really caught my eye or ear while watching the movie. I
think I understand the intention of the filmmakers: make a feature-length
version of The Vision Of Escaflowne. I don't think they did it that well
though. Yep, that's my opinion. =)

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