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I happen to like dark and morbid Anime. In fact, there's a lot of people
who like Anime such as this. I think it's grown to be a style of motion
picture Anime rather than a bad thing. They wouldn't have done it this way
if there wasn't a reason to. And besides, having known that I'm sure the
creators from the TV series helped direct the movie, don't you think
there's a reason why the movie is like that? You saying it's "boring"
means that you're probably missing something or it's simply not your taste.
 I don't think you have the right to give it a complete judgemental opinion
about it; slapping it in another's face, ie. mine. There are many other
films that use this sort of style; Patlabor 2, Ghost In the Shell,
etc...they're all darker. In fact, DRYL is even a much more darker Anime
compared to the TV series.

>Someone asked about the Escaflowne: A Girl In Gaea movie. Here's my opinion:
>Don't wait up for it. It's a darker take on the TV series and not for the
>better. Compressing the basic plot of a TV show into a feature length
>film was done with much greater success in Macross: Do You Remember Love? In
>much the same way that the Fox Kids' Escaflowne lacks the subtlety and
>introspection of the Japanese TV series, A Girl In Gaea lacks the innocence
>and awe of the original series. Everything good about the series, except
>the music, is reduced to one-dimensional proportions. I can't think of a
>single change made in the story that was for the better. In fact, the movie
>was so mediocre & uninvolving, I have a hard time remembering what
happened in
>it. Boooooooring. Escaflowne just isn't a story that can work as a 2-hour
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