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Sat, 19 Aug 2000 21:34:50 -0700


> I can't believe no one told me that it was airing. Let's see, I asked all
> 5000 of you, and 0 replied. Geez. I guess I'll have to start off on
> episode 3. Anyone feel like bringing me up to date on whats happened so
> far?

Someone brought this to my attention on another mailing list, and despite the
fact that its highly unusual, it may offer some hope for those who missed the
first (second) episode (and still want to see it). Apparently, its showing on
Saturday mornings, as we already know, and Friday afternoons. You can get more
information here:

The listed show time for Saturday mornings doesn't jibe with the time it was
shown locally, so I'd double check the Friday time. All in all, I find it
highly unusual that a station would air an animated show during a weekday (M-F)
and only show it one day a week, but that's what it says.



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