Sat, 19 Aug 2000 22:59:42 -0500

Hey fellow GMLer's. I'm going to have to channel all the letters from this list into my "delete" box now that school's started and I'm up to my ankles in work (literally). I'll still read the subject lines and scan most of the posts, reading some things that stick out as being interesting from time to time, but if something is directed at me (it could happen), you'll need to put "ROBOTICK" or "killer zombie space ninjas from Uranus attack Earth!!" or something in the subject line. Keep on truckin'

P.S. Since nobody responded to my post inquiring whether or not I should return my Zeta Gundam kit and get the money back, I built the kit despite the negative remarks and found it satisfactory except for the shoulder flaps, the awkward skirt armor, and how the head wouldn't stay on. Now to paint this booger. I'm thinking of a Brick red and navy blue color scheme with gray highlights. Any suggestions?

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