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> The opening footage just plain sucks!!! Some of the worst video and audio
> splicing I've seen in a long time. I'm still impressed they had the guts
> to bring Escaflowne over though. Though I'm thoroughly convinced they're
> going to rape it, rip it open, tear out the guts, kill it, rape it again,
> and then repeat the process till it dies. For sure, they aren't going to
> bring over the movie because that's WAY too morbid...and in no
> way fits the
> actual mood presented in Escaflowne that we've seen today.

They could've used the "Falcon's Crest" fan video that someone splice
together. If it's action they're trying to sell, they could do worse.

> What you should be worried about is that if they decide to stick this
> dubbed version of Escaflowne onto the commercial DVD's...that's if Fox
> manages to pry away the rights entirely from Sunrise (I'm starting to lose
> respect for those guys).

Nah, they're not going to do this. This is Bandai we are talking about
here. They do dubbing the right way, dub the uncut first, and edit to fit
whatever broadcaster wants. They can then release everything uncut, and cut
as they see fit. There will be an uncut bi-lingual DVD and uncut dub vhs.
There might also release the cut dub vhs, though I don't see a point in
that. (This is in contrast with Card Captor Sakura, where the cut and
reshuffel affect the story so much, they are releaseing 2 different version
of DVD, dub and cut only, and sub and uncut only).

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