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What I want to see is the damned movie...but knowing someone MIGHT slash it

I think I have to get mounds of money to make my own Anime-type western
made Anime. Knowing me (like anybody cares here) I'll make it true to what
Anime stands for.

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><< ope, Completely unforgiveable... and we should let Bandai know about it,
>so mabey they won't prostitute their shows to M****R F****RS who don't know
>the first thing about what's good for America's children.
> Anime can be done right on US TV, Gundam Wing proved it. There is no excuse
>for this. >>
>Yep, I totally agree. Editing is bad, bad, bad. Editing an anime usually
>turns it into something it's not. Instead of Escaflowne, Fox should have
>gotten a KIDS anime for Fox Kids, not something for mature viewers and
>editing it to make it "apporite". There are plenty of KIDS action anime to
>import, right? Like DigiMon, I like it, but like PokeMon, these where KIDS
>Editing Escaflowne to make it kid apporite is like making a kids cartoon out
>of a Michael Crichton book. Sphere is not a kids book, but you don't see
>someone editing it into a kids story. It seems Fox wanted Escaflowne because
>"Cool Giant Robots = Lot's of money, because kids like Giant robots".
>Companies should either bring it to TV unedited or release it direct to
>only. Companies need to import KIDS anime for kids, not stuff that needs
>editing to make it child apporite. Thank goodness I was able to catch
>Escaflowne in it's original form.
>I strongly urge people who have never seen Escaflowne, borrow, rent or buy
>the AnimeVillage version and watch it, before making a judgment on
>Escaflowne. Watch Fox's version if you want to, just do not judge Escaflowne
>of Fox's version.
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