Joseph Riggs (
Sat, 19 Aug 2000 19:56:45 -0700 wrote:

> Editing Escaflowne to make it kid apporite is like making a kids cartoon out
> of a Michael Crichton book. Sphere is not a kids book, but you don't see
> someone editing it into a kids story. It seems Fox wanted Escaflowne because
> "Cool Giant Robots = Lot's of money, because kids like Giant robots".

Or, in an example a little closer to this list, editing the school scenes and
Christina McKenzie out of 0080. Sure, you've got a lot of action, and some
intrigue and espionage, and even a friendship and a sacrifice (and those seem to
be all too common anymore), but you've lost a good chunk of the reason why the
story was written in the first place.


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