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<< ope, Completely unforgiveable... and we should let Bandai know about it,
so mabey they won't prostitute their shows to M****R F****RS who don't know
the first thing about what's good for America's children.
 Anime can be done right on US TV, Gundam Wing proved it. There is no excuse
for this. >>

Yep, I totally agree. Editing is bad, bad, bad. Editing an anime usually
turns it into something it's not. Instead of Escaflowne, Fox should have
gotten a KIDS anime for Fox Kids, not something for mature viewers and
editing it to make it "apporite". There are plenty of KIDS action anime to
import, right? Like DigiMon, I like it, but like PokeMon, these where KIDS

Editing Escaflowne to make it kid apporite is like making a kids cartoon out
of a Michael Crichton book. Sphere is not a kids book, but you don't see
someone editing it into a kids story. It seems Fox wanted Escaflowne because
"Cool Giant Robots = Lot's of money, because kids like Giant robots".

Companies should either bring it to TV unedited or release it direct to video
only. Companies need to import KIDS anime for kids, not stuff that needs
editing to make it child apporite. Thank goodness I was able to catch
Escaflowne in it's original form.

I strongly urge people who have never seen Escaflowne, borrow, rent or buy
the AnimeVillage version and watch it, before making a judgment on
Escaflowne. Watch Fox's version if you want to, just do not judge Escaflowne
of Fox's version.


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