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> than twenty minutes of runtime in the episode (three ad breaks!!??), and

Hrmm. the show in Japan was also only about 23~24 mins or so runtime
including the songs... I think they probably took away the first episode
just because of the audience. Afterall, how could kids keep their attention
if the actual Escaflowne didn't show up in the first episode? They'd be
like "hey, this show sucks!! It's about some girl who gets warped into
another dimension" or something similar of the sort...

> then I think things will get better. And as long as none of the villians
> like Team Rocket (ever notice how the bad guys in American animated shows
> happen to sound like that?), then maybe Fox will leave enough of their
> intact to allow for some definitely Un-American Cartoon plot development
> complex villians? What's this world coming to!!??).

Hrmm.. Musashi and Ojiro (forgot the woman's name here, and James) are my
favorite characters in Pokemon and I was quite surprised when I saw the
English version cuz they kept true to the show almost 85%... You'd be
surprised at how similar the voices are and their intonations too. In fact,
it's one of the best dubbed shows I've seen in years...


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