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On Sat, 19 Aug 2000 19:29:44 -0700 Joseph Riggs <> wrote:
>(I've often wondered how many people would think to list The Simpsons if they were asked to identify their five >favorite cartoons?).

Well, seeing as how there aren't that many good "cartoons" to begin with....let's see:

Transformers (original), Batman, Dungeons & Dragons, Exosquad, Gargoyles

Yep, you're right, Simpsons doesn't quite get in there, although it would be in the top ten (maybe #6).

Now, top 5 anime series? There are too many to list, especially if one doesn't seperate OAVs, Movies and tv series.

>On the upside, I suspect that there is only so much that will happen to the plot.
>IF Fox refrains from any more of this two-in-one compression with the episodes,
>then I think things will get better. And as long as none of the villians sound
>like Team Rocket (ever notice how the bad guys in American animated shows always
>happen to sound like that?), then maybe Fox will leave enough of their personality
>intact to allow for some definitely Un-American Cartoon plot development (what?
>complex villians? What's this world coming to!!??).
>We'll also need to see what happens in the less action-packed episodes. What
>happens to those will play a large part in the overall impressions that the show
>ends up leaving to the American audiences.
>You know, for all of the problems with Robotech, at least there was the occasional
>episode where no combat occurred. I wonder what great feat it would take to
>attempt to pull that off nowadays?

I agree. That is why I'm leaving my final opinion until another couple episodes.


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