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On Sat, 19 Aug 2000 18:13:34 -0800 fsjmk <> wrote:
>>I guess you will not watch it anymore?
>It's like a car wreck. It's awful but I have to watch. :)
>>> Escaflowne has the greatest soundtrack in all
>>> of anime, bar none. But they chopped up the music and left it in bits and
>>> pieces, replacing much of it with crappy techno-action-wannabe music.
>>> else notice the end credits of Escaflowne on Fox? One of the credits reads
>>> "Additional music: Yoko Kanno". What the hell? Additional music? Her music
>>> as important to Escaflowne as John Williams' is to Star Wars. Additional
>>> music?!? Die, Fox Kids, die!!!
>>Boy... such emotion. *shrug* I guess I may be a little flippant, but I am
>>just glad I get to see it on TV. Perhaps I will like it enough to want to
>>check out the original.
>As someone else said, there's no excuse for the hack job. If they wanted to
>show something on the air, why waste money & time butchering an existing work?
>Might as well simply buy a show that already meets Saturday morning airwave
>standards, save money not editing the hell out of it, and then just put it on
>the air. It may sound like a cliche but I'll say it: the original Vision Of
>Escaflowne is so much better than the hacked-up, edited, American version it's
>not even funny. The easiest way to see the contrast in tone between the
>Japanese and American versions of Escaflowne is to compare the opening
>sequences. It's like night and day.

You know, I have to totally agree with what you said here. The ONLY reasons I'll keep watching it are twofold: 1) the picture quality is much higher than my present tapes, and 2) the translation on the tapes I have sometimes leaves stuff to be desired (and as this is an at least above average dubbing, IMO, unlike Gundam Wing, which was ok, but not really good at all until the end, this is made alot easier....although I still hate some of the pronounciations).

But as I've said before, once the DVDs start coming out, I start taping over what I have already. These versions aren't worth the tape. And I'm sure that AnimeVillage will do the like they did with the Wing, leave in all the original stuff. The only changes to the dubs on them will most likely be the dubbing, and maybe some slight change to the sound effects (which I kind of liked actually).


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