Chris Beilby (
Sun, 20 Aug 2000 01:28:24 GMT

>I picked up the 3-volume set of Gundam novelizations from '90 or so
>(english translation of course) . Anybody know why they chose to start
>off with Amuro already being a cadet in the "space corps", instead of
>his being-a-civillian-finding-the-manual etc?
>I admit tho, the book feels much "closer" to _Starship Troopers_, from
>which the inspiration for Gundam 0079 supposedly came from, with the
>whole military service angle and all, rather than the way the movie did

This is probably closer to what Tomino really wanted to do with Gundam, but
wasn't allowed to do, first because of the sponsors, then because of the
early cancellation. I'm not going to say anything along the lines of
spoilers, but you'll see some things in the novelizations (I actually prefer
to think of them as a Alternate Reality) that would later pop up in Zeta,
mostly near the end...

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