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On Sat, 19 Aug 2000 11:13:18 -0800 fsjmk <> wrote:
>>It really is nice to see a series like this over here,
>>but to be perfectly honest, I wouldn't have a horrible
>>interest in watching any more of it except for the
>>fact several people have told me how great it is.
>>With the job Fox did on it, though, one might have a
>>hard time believing that. Still, I'll keep at it
>>because it does look like it might be fairly
>>entertaining, but I do wonder how it's going to go
>>over with other folks.
>The original Vision Of Escaflowne is one of the best anime series of the 90's.
>Much better and more heartfelt than, say, Gundam Wing. They took all the
>subtleness of Escaflowne and turned it into cheap, Saturday morning kids
>fodder. I thought the dub voices were alright (if typically
>contrived-sounding, like most American voice acting jobs) but the hatchet job
>on the music is unforgiveable. Escaflowne has the greatest soundtrack in all
>of anime, bar none. But they chopped up the music and left it in bits and
>pieces, replacing much of it with crappy techno-action-wannabe music. Anyone
>else notice the end credits of Escaflowne on Fox? One of the credits reads
>"Additional music: Yoko Kanno". What the hell? Additional music? Her music is
>as important to Escaflowne as John Williams' is to Star Wars. Additional
>music?!? Die, Fox Kids, die!!!

I didn't notice that Additional Music thing, but I did notice that they also changed some of the sound effects, like they did on the dubs of 0080. And as for the commerical breaks mentioned earlier, I do agree that 3 is too much, but even the original had two (if I remember what my....copies of them had, original Japanese commercials and all. Actually, the Gundam commercials were pretty good, and the McDonalds commercials downright hillarious at times). Like I said, this will only do long enough for the DVDs to come out. Then, these eps will go to the recycle heap.

BTW, I just watched my earlier copy of the second episode a couple nights ago. The only difference I really noticed in the background music (other than the opening and ending, of course) was the one I mentioned originally, the one that plays when Van activates the Escaflowne.

And like I hinted at, I HATED the "flashback" shots to try and explain the events of the first episode.


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