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>It really is nice to see a series like this over here,
>but to be perfectly honest, I wouldn't have a horrible
>interest in watching any more of it except for the
>fact several people have told me how great it is.
>With the job Fox did on it, though, one might have a
>hard time believing that. Still, I'll keep at it
>because it does look like it might be fairly
>entertaining, but I do wonder how it's going to go
>over with other folks.

The original Vision Of Escaflowne is one of the best anime series of the 90's.
Much better and more heartfelt than, say, Gundam Wing. They took all the
subtleness of Escaflowne and turned it into cheap, Saturday morning kids
fodder. I thought the dub voices were alright (if typically
contrived-sounding, like most American voice acting jobs) but the hatchet job
on the music is unforgiveable. Escaflowne has the greatest soundtrack in all
of anime, bar none. But they chopped up the music and left it in bits and
pieces, replacing much of it with crappy techno-action-wannabe music. Anyone
else notice the end credits of Escaflowne on Fox? One of the credits reads
"Additional music: Yoko Kanno". What the hell? Additional music? Her music is
as important to Escaflowne as John Williams' is to Star Wars. Additional
music?!? Die, Fox Kids, die!!!

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