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--- Roland Thigpen <> wrote:
> Well, I just finished watching the premiere of The
> Vision of Escaflowne on Fox, with VERY mixed
> opinions.

I watched it too, and my opinions aren't mixed. I'm
definitely several kinds of unimpressed. Though I'm
really no longer the target audience Fox is looking
for (my stubborn devotion to Beast Wars/Machines
aside), they really dropped the ball on trying to hook
me on Escaflowne. I feel left with a hearty "So
what?" feeling.

> EPISODE 2!!!!!!!!! ARGH!!!! Ok, I can halfway
> understand this, no matter my (dissappointed and
> upset) feelings over it. They most likely did this
> for 2 reasons: 1) Escaflowne's first episode was not
> as action packed as the second. They needed some eye
> candy to catch the "kids" right off. 2) The first ep
> showed that Escaflowne was geared to a more mature
> audience than Fox Kids is normally geared towards.
> While I understand this, I still despise it because,
> as the series goes along, some of the stuff depends
> on the info you get in the first ep. But Fox might
> cut that stuff out as well...of course, that would
> change the entire story.

Huh. So that WAS the second episode? They kept
flashing back to what I assumed was the first that I
began to think they just did a mash job on the first
and second episodes. It didn't help that just as the
show seemed to build any momentum whatsoever, there
was a commerical. Not on a cliffhanger, mind. I get
that. I kept almost getting interested, they'd go to
a break.
> So, overall, how does it rate? Well, I can forgive
> the editing, somewhat, and I certainly don't mind
> them taking out the end song "Mystic Eyes" (never
> really cared for it), but the changes they made to
> the opening, and starting on episode 2 is
> almost...ALMOST...unforgiveable, IMO.
> does get the series on the air in America, something
> that a few years ago when I first saw it, I wouldn't
> have really thought possible. And with the fairly
> decent dubbing, I guess I might be able to live with
> it until I can get the DVDs that are supposed to be
> released later this year or early next year. It all
> depends on what else is cut out. At least the
> quality is better than the copies of the series I
> have at present...

It really is nice to see a series like this over here,
but to be perfectly honest, I wouldn't have a horrible
interest in watching any more of it except for the
fact several people have told me how great it is.
With the job Fox did on it, though, one might have a
hard time believing that. Still, I'll keep at it
because it does look like it might be fairly
entertaining, but I do wonder how it's going to go
over with other folks.


"Well, two outta three ain't bad."
"It is if you're the third!"
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