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>The first thing: THEY STARTED THE SERIES WITH EPISODE 2!!!!!!!!! ARGH!!!!
Ok, I can halfway understand this, no matter my (dissappointed and upset)
feelings over it. They most likely did this for 2 reasons: 1) Escaflowne's
first episode was not as action packed as the second. They needed some eye
candy to catch the "kids" right off. 2) The first ep showed that Escaflowne
was geared to a more mature audience than Fox Kids is normally geared
towards. While I understand this, I still despise it because, as the series
goes along, some of the stuff depends on the info you get in the first ep.
But Fox might cut that stuff out as well...of course, that would change the
entire story.

Yeah I totally know what you mean...I was like...uhm...WHERE'S THE

>Second: the opening....didn't like it...no, not one bit. Of course, it's
better than those damn Toonami openings for the anime they show on Cartoon
Network, but still. They took out the opening song, and replaced with that
damn "America" type opening song that consists of nothing more than
instrumental music and the word Escaflowne being continually repeated. AND
THEY CHANGED THE OPENING FOOTAGE!!!! That in my opinion was sacrilege, as
the original opening pretty much told you what the story was about.

The opening footage being changed I found to be justified because all the
kids over here would be like; WHAT KINDA CHEESY STUFF IS THIS!!?!?!? So
changing is no problem, but what they changed it to I definitely have a
problem with. I think if they did something along the lines of Parasite
Eve music (Influence of the Deep; with techno music and opera singing) that
would have been way better than just repeating Escaflowne throughout the
song. Plus, the song wasn't even great too...it didn't have any
inspiration at all, and had no melody to prove itself to be the theme song.

>Third: the music within the show....not too bad, they kept alot of the
original BGM, but, and this is a fairly big but...they changed the music
that played when the Escaflowne was released. Instead of the original, they
played the damn Fox dub opening again...stupid, stupid, stupid...

Hey, I actually thought that part was ok. It started with the opening, and
then changed to something which seem to add a bit more to the emotion of
it. I've never watched the original, but right now it seems to be ok.

>Fourth: the voices...ok, here as well, it wasn't so bad. I thought they
were fairly well done, far better than Gundam Wing, and in some ways
approaching the job done on Cowboy Bebop's dub. So, this was a good job.

The dub? Perhaps, maybe because everything was squished and sliced
together that I was blinded by the action. It was way too action
packed...WAY TOO MUCH!!! I believe it was crumped together?

>Fifth: Editing...as expected, they took out most of the scenes showing the
actual deaths of the soldiers (ie, the blood and all), but they left in the
clues that say, yes, these people are DEAD. Kinda dissappointing to someone
who saw the original, but as I said, to be expected...Still, I wish someone
would get a clue that to teach kids about violence, you need to show them
that it is violent, bloody, and deadly, and not "soften" it up for them. We
live in a violent world. IMO, the only way to tone this down is to prove to
the young the consequences of that violence.

They softened it up a lot and I don't think they've left in enough pain and
suffering to make the audiences understand this is really a war. Right
now, all the dead guys seem to be just a reason for the hero to get
revenge...again with just progressing the story and not actually revelling
on what the meaning is.

>So, overall, how does it rate? Well, I can forgive the editing, somewhat,
and I certainly don't mind them taking out the end song "Mystic Eyes"
(never really cared for it), but the changes they made to the opening, and
starting on episode 2 is almost...ALMOST...unforgiveable, IMO. Still....it
does get the series on the air in America, something that a few years ago
when I first saw it, I wouldn't have really thought possible. And with the
fairly decent dubbing, I guess I might be able to live with it until I can
get the DVDs that are supposed to be released later this year or early next
year. It all depends on what else is cut out. At least the quality is
better than the copies of the series I have at present...

The opening footage just plain sucks!!! Some of the worst video and audio
splicing I've seen in a long time. I'm still impressed they had the guts
to bring Escaflowne over though. Though I'm thoroughly convinced they're
going to rape it, rip it open, tear out the guts, kill it, rape it again,
and then repeat the process till it dies. For sure, they aren't going to
bring over the movie because that's WAY too morbid...and in no way fits the
actual mood presented in Escaflowne that we've seen today.

What you should be worried about is that if they decide to stick this
dubbed version of Escaflowne onto the commercial DVD's...that's if Fox
manages to pry away the rights entirely from Sunrise (I'm starting to lose
respect for those guys).

Well, right now...I'm going to go and email Fox now...uhm...if you don't
see me again, you know who to go after. >=)


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