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Sat, 19 Aug 2000 09:07:32 -0500

Leslie_R wrote:
> now let's get personal.. your absolute favorite Mobile suit is? and
> reason why..
> Gundam Epyon.. Reason?
> Profesional Badass: a Heero Yuy tribute .. this Gundam wing music video
> set to rythem Emotion was my first introduction to actuall gundam
> animation (up till then i had jsut read info from various websites) set
> to 'Rythm Emotion' at a rather climactic portion of the song it has the
> scene with Heero in the Epyon when he first lights the beam-sword and
> holds it aloft, then his eyes turn red and he De-STROYS his "enemies"!
> *shudder* the way the music enhances that scene i just get chills
> whenever i watch it..
> -Les
that and i have a thing for beam-swords.. only i don't like the idea of
having to stick them back into a recharger all the time.. a setup like
on Epyon with the sword hilt connected directly ot the Mobile Suit's
reactor would be ideal IMO


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