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garrick lee wrote:
> --- Leslie_R <trojan@atoka.net> wrote:
> > garrick lee wrote:
> > >
> > >
> > > and no, i don't think the best answer is to cause
> > a
> > > war so bad so as to drive the urge to fight
> > needlessly
> > > out of humanity. we may not have found a solution
> > > yet, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
> > >
> > > -garr
> > >
> > humanity thrives on conflict, on challenge.. weather
> > we like it or not
> > it's what makes us progress and evolve, if we want
> > to get rid of war we
> > need to find something else to challenge us besides
> > each other
> >
> > -Les
> > >
> i think sports and olympics (barring commercialization
> and sell out) are a pretty much decent substitute for
> outright war, y'know.
> it won't satisfy trueblooded warmongers, but it works
> for the general populace.
> besides, whoever said that "challenge" necessarily
> meant "conflict" (i.e. war)? :P
> -garr
noone did (let's see if my theoretical opinions cna make it through This
time) but the struggle to survive in a hostile environment is the
ultimate challange, and war is the ultimate self-imposed hostile
environment.. take for example in Gundam.. the first major war we her
about in the UC timeline is the infamous One-year War.. and it's a
doosey.. but it happens close ot the end of the first century UC after
the space colonies have been built and humankind has basically
'settled-in' to life in space within Lunar orbit.. the only other place
in space Mankind is etching a nitch for itslef is around Jupiter where
the energy fleet is establishing itself and i dont' think it's a
coincidence that it's not until after Gundam F91 (what is that close ot
a century after the OYW?) in Crossbone Gundam that we start seeing the
first overt rumblings of war.... when space was new and un-conquered
everyone was basicaly to caught up in the struggle to survive and then
thrive, to persue a precieved manifest dstiny.. after that was
accomplished we predictably fall into old habbits


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