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I picked up the 3-volume set of Gundam novelizations from '90 or so
(english translation of course) . Anybody know why they chose to start
off with Amuro already being a cadet in the "space corps", instead of
his being-a-civillian-finding-the-manual etc?

I admit tho, the book feels much "closer" to _Starship Troopers_, from
which the inspiration for Gundam 0079 supposedly came from, with the
whole military service angle and all, rather than the way the movie did it..

Also picked up "Gundam Illustration World" and "View Broadly Super Robots" -
the latter being an illustrated (in Japanese) history of mecha / "big robots"
in Japan from '63-'96. Covers Voltron, Macross, of course Gundam, and
everything else in between. Now if I could only *read* it. 8-(


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