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Erg, this sucks. I hate not having any GML mail to read ... it's by far
and away more entertaining than the usual technical mailing lists I'm on
(As useful as the FreeBSD -STABLE list is, it just doesn't compare to you
guys). Unfortunately I can't think of a damned thing on topic to post, so
I'll go entirely the other way.

Excel Saga.

Two words, seemingly inocuous, but together they form the single funniest
anime series I've ever had the privelege of watching in my life. It's ...
wow ... words really cannot describe it =) I've watched 6 episodes of it,
and they're all entirely independent in terms of what happens, but the
characters and some backplot links them together ... after six eps, you
start to get a feeling for whats going on in the background, and there may
actually be a method to their madness.

Basically, it works something like this. Koshi Rikudo (sp?) let a group of
animations make a late night TV show based on his manga (Excel Saga).
Since it was on late night, and they expected fairly low ratings, they
went entirely wild, and did things other people wouldn't dream of. It's
nonsensical, its wierd (hell, thats its sub-name: Excel Saga: Wierd
Anime), and its positively brilliant. Having never seen the manga, I can't
say if it was anything like the TV series, but I'm guessing it was at
least to an extent.

Case in point, the first episode. Excel, a girl just graduating high
school is skipping through the schoolyard, whacking people with her
backpack, when she jumps in front of an oncoming truck and dies. The Great
Will of the universe brings her back to life (something that happens quite
often :P) because, what kind of story would it be if she died right from
the start? It only gets wierder. The plot of the first episode involves
Excel being ordered to kill the vile and evil manga author ... Koshi
Rikudo =)

You've got the wierdest cast of
characters I've ever seen ... Ilparetzo-Sama, leader of the Secret Ideal
Organisation Across (he who Excel idolizes), out to conquer the world, for
it is rotten and unjust. You've got Hyatt, Excel's sorta-partner, who is
terribly ill and keeps dying. You've got Menchi, a poor cat-dog thing who
everyone always tries to eat (the ED is "sung" by Menchi barking, with the
assistance of japanese subtitles and a "translator" translating lyrics
about him being eaten). You've got Excel's neighbors, a fairly normal guy
and two mooches, one of who's only method of speach is japanese subtitles
that float near his head. Nabeshin, an afro headed secret agent. Pedro, a
poor guy who dies and repeatedly gets the shaft. The Puchu's, a race of
Uber-Kawaii bear things out to conquer the world. Space Butler. Zombies.
Geurilla fighters. And oh, so much more =)

Each episode starts out with Koshi Rikudo granting permission to make this
episode a "survival movie", or a "love story" or whatever, all quite
independent, but with enough continuity between them to confuse the hell
out of you.

By far and away this is the best new series of anime I've seen in a long
time, and EASILY the funniest show, anime or not, I've ever watched. If
you can get your hands on it, DO IT.

There ... now post some bloody Gundam related stuff or I'm going to have
to regale you with more reviews of obscure series' I've watched lately :P

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