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I got this from the back of a train store business card... I keep it in my
wallet more than my AMEX:

Z Scale 1:220
N Scale 1:160
HO Scale 1:87.1
O Scale 1:48
G Scale: 1:22.5

I use N scale for 1/144 stuff, pretty close.
HO is closest you get for 1/100.

The bigger the scale, the easier you notice that you are off.
For example, you can really tell 1:48 (O) vs. 1:60

There are some (not much) stuff out there in 1/100 scale in military stuff.
Look around real model shops (listed under "endangered species" in your
phone book)
and you may find some.

Good luck.

Gus Jae
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> > What could it be in terms of scale that we know? I found some building
> > structure that could go really well with Gundam. I'm hoping it's around
> > 1/144 scale.
> Actually I've been wondering a similar thing for a long time - is there a
> model train scale that corresponds to either 1/144 or 1/100? Because I
> love to build dioramas for my models
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