Jam Masta' Jay (roaddogg_jp@hotmail.com)
Fri, 18 Aug 2000 23:52:42 GMT

The band Incubus played Ozzfest this year, and while at the T-Shirt booth, I
noticed that their Shirt had a very Gundam-ish Mech. on the front. Kind of a
Gundam/GM hybrid (0079 BTW) thought I'd add that.

(OZZFEST kicked ass BTW!!!!!)

>Yeah, I've got that one.
>Hook Ups Also did a run of t-shirts featuring ripped off pair of gundam
>girls -
>both sporting the f-91 girl armor. Hook-ups make skateboards with anime
>themed (ripped off) graphics as well.
>(the shoes are pretty cool too).
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